NuVet Is Not A Scam – NuVet Truth

Adult dogs and cats are not the only beneficiaries of supplementation with NuVet Plus. Puppies and kittens need lots of love and support to reach adulthood, including high quality nutritional supplements that supply them with powerful vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Baby animals need strong immune systems to resist harmful pathogens and diseases that may attack their little bodies. NuVet Plus ingredients like blue green algae, cat’s claw, shark cartilage, and the antioxidant vitamins protect growing puppies and kittens from infection and build immunity as they grow.

Little ones also need plenty of calcium for strong bones and teeth. The oyster shell in NuVet Plus contains just the right calcium/phosphorous proportions for optimum absorption into the body. Its calcium content also helps the heart, nerves, and muscles to function properly; muscles use calcium to contract and relax, while the heart needs calcium to maintain a regular beat. Puppies and kittens expend a tremendous amount of physical energy in their daily play activities and need good cardiovascular and skeletal muscular health to keep up with their brothers and sisters.

Internal organs and glands rely on healthy red blood cells and other nutrients for nourishment as they grow. NuVet Labs paddle dries its chicken liver to retain omega fatty acids and the Vitamins A, C, and B complex, all of which go into proper organ and gland development.

NuVet Plus provides critical nutritional support to puppies and kittens as they grow to adulthood, but in reality NuVet Plus supports all stages of a dog or cat’s life. Adult and senior companion animals receive the same benefits from supplementation with NuVet Plus that keep them living life to the fullest for many long, happy, and active years.